Lake and Peninsula School District

Travel arrangements to your school site should be made through the district travel coordinator.  Travel itineraries will be routed through Anchorage (Alaska’s largest city) and King Salmon (the Lake and Pen Regional Hub).  Anchorage can be reached from "Outside" or "the Lower 48" by air or automobile.  From Anchorage, King Salmon is only accessible by air.  Travel to all of our school sites is by local air taxi.  

Airlines serving the Lake and Peninsula Region include:

Peninsula Airways, Inc., “PenAir” 

Iliamna Air                                      

Lake Clark                                       

PenAir is a travel partner with Alaska Airlines.  Airlines vary in the amount of allowable luggage.  Normally you are allowed at least one checked bag (50 lbs. or less) and one carry-on which must fit under your seat.  Baggage allowance may be less on the smaller airlines. Check with your airline prior to departure.  Charges for excess baggage can be high (Up to $75/piece!). 

There are a variety of small charter/air taxi operators in our area.  These smaller airlines operate on an "as flights fill" basis and time of flights varies from day to day.  When contacting them, be sure to speak directly to the owner/operator and tell them you are a new teacher arriving for the first time, and let them know how much baggage you will be transporting.  Our local pilots are very helpful in getting staff to sites.