Lake and Peninsula School District

Welcome to the Lake and Peninsula School District

The Lake and Peninsula Borough provides large amounts of high quality habitat that support a phenomenal amount of flora and fauna. The Bristol Bay region is recognized as a world leader in salmon productivity. Commercial fishing, sport fishing and hunting, bear viewing, recreation and tourism, and subsistence are important economic activities that rely on the bounty of the Borough's landscape. Salmon spawning streams attract some of the largest concentrations of brown bear in Alaska. Approximately 10,000 brown bears populate the region, making them more numerous than people. Abundant moose and caribou inhabit the region. Other mammals include wolves, wolverines, river otters, red fox, and beaver.  Sea Otters, sea lions, harbor seals and migratory whales inhabit the shoreline and offshore waters.  Coastal estuaries are home to waterfowl while nesting eagles, peregrine falcons, and thousands of seabirds inhabit the sea cliffs.

The Lake and Peninsula School District is located on the Alaska Peninsula and comprises an area, in square miles, roughly the size of the state of West Virginia. Extending 400 miles from Lake Clark in the north to Perryville in the south, it contains three National Parks; two National Wildlife Refuges; and numerous designated Wild and Scenic Rivers. The central office of the District is located in King Salmon, approximately halfway between Port Alsworth, the northern most school, and Perryville, the southernmost. None of the school sites can be reached by roadway; all transportation is by means of boat or small planes.