Lake and Peninsula School District

The Lake and Peninsula School District leases housing to its staff at school sites. Rental rates vary with each individual unit.  Contact Laura Hylton for detailed information about your living arrangements.

All district housing contains basic furnishings: 

Couch & Chairs



    End tables & Night-stands 

You will need to provide: 

Bedding & Linens



   Desired Small Appliances

Furnishings may vary from unit to unit.  The vast majority of units have blinds for window coverings. District-owned housing units have plumbing and conventional electric service. Limited freezer space and washer and dryers are also available.  **Please contact your Site Administrator for specific needs.**


Pets can make great companions in a region like ours, but be considerate of special care.  There is a pet deposit required with each animal. Owners are responsible for all damage the animal creates, such as replacement of furniture, carpets, curtains and any outside damages.

To travel with your pet, you will need an airline approved carrier, as well as any necessary health certificates.  Research your airline for specifics.  There are no residential veterinarians within the Lake and Peninsula Region, so injured or sick animals must be sent airfreight to Anchorage for immediate medical attention.  Occasionally, a vet will visit King Salmon and a few villages, so keep an eye out at your local school site.  

Short Commute to Work

Housing Units


Living Room