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If you are unable to call in or come in person to the Lake and Peninsula School District School Board meetings, you now have the option of providing Public Comment to the board using the form below.

    Date                       ​     Location 
August  26              Teleconference/Zoom

September 23        Teleconference/Zoom

October 14             Teleconference/Zoom

December 8           Anchorage/Teleconference/Zoom

January 19.             Teleconference/Zoom

Public Comments to the Board

How it works: Fill out and submit the Public Comment form. You will notice that the Name, Phone Number, and Email portions are OPTIONAL. The Village portion is required. Your comment will then be presented to the board at the next school board meeting.

Listed from Left to Right: Dr. Michael Johnson, Gerda Kosbruk, Austin Shangin, Glen Alsworth Jr., Harry Ricci, Shannon Johnson - Nanalook, Stacy Hill, Superintendent Ty Mase

Gerda Kosbruk​



Shannon Johnson
Seat A


Harry Ricci



Beth Hill

Seat C

Amber Chistensen-Fox


Port Heiden

Austin Shangin

Seat E

Vice President

Stacy Hill

Seat G

Board Clerk


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