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If you are unable to call in or come in person to the Lake and Peninsula School District School Board meetings, you now have the option of providing Public Comment to the board using the form below.

Public Comments to the Board

April 18, 2024

Public Notice | Minutes

March 14, 2024

Public Notice | Minutes

February 8, 2024

Public Notice | Minutes

January 23, 2024
Public Notice | Minutes

December 12, 2023
Public Notice | Minutes
November 6, 2023
Public Notice | Minutes
September 26, 2023
Public Notice | Minutes


Seat F: Gerda Kosbruk (President)

Seat E: Austin Shangin (Vice President)

Seat C: Beth Hill (Clerk)

Seat G: Margie Olympic

Seat D: Amber Christensen-Fox

Seat B: Harry Ricci

Seat A: Sarah Armstrong

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