LPSD Impact Aid FY2019

Impact Aid Application FY2019    |    Indian Policies and Procedures for Impact Aid FY2019

In accordance with Federal law, the School District is providing the following information related to its 2019 Impact Aid Application. 

The Lake and Peninsula School District has made an application to the U.S. Department of Education for Impact Aid funding available to school districts that have students whose parents live on Indian (Alaskan Native) Lands.  The district's application indicates that 189 students out of 347 students district-wide are eligible for Impact Aid funding.  A copy of the complete application is on file and available for review at each of the District's schools and the District Office in King Salmon.  This summary of the application is being sent to Village Councils, Village Corporations and Regional Native Corporations within the District.

As required by federal law, the district informs Parents, Village Councils, Village Corporations and Regional Corporations of the application and ensures that parents and officials of these organizations have the opportunity to comment on student's equal participation in the district's educational programs, the educational programs and any planned modification of these programs.  

While the District has not planned any modification in the delivery of its educational programs we encourage you to attend any local school advisory committee (LSAC) meeting to express any concerns related to the equal participation of students in educational programs and to provide input into the planning and development of educational programs.

 The Lake and Peninsula School District Board will be reviewing information and comments received from the Local School Advisory Committees, parents and representative of other interested organizations at the October School Board meeting.  As indicated above, you are invited and encouraged to provide direct comment to the School Board on educational programs and student participation in those programs. For more information on the schedule for the LSAC meetings, contact the school principal or head teacher.  School board meeting schedules are posted at:  www/lpsd.com/ourboard

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