Lake and Peninsula School District

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  • Hello Lake and Pen,

    Our isolation and economy of scale have always challenged us in operations and providing the best education possible for our students. Well, our isolation and small numbers are now the two main factors in why we believe will be able to offer an excellent education to our kids this year! Who knew...?

    As you have probably heard, our plan is to open our doors and have students in our schools this Fall. The district challenge, in partnership with our communities, will be to keep the doors open and stay in a "low risk," or "green" zone. We plan to classify our schools/communities as low (green), medium (yellow) or high (red) risk, and have a plan to respond to a school in each scenario. Attached is our DRAFT District Smart Start Plan which identifies what our educational offerings will look like under each scenario.

    Along with this district plan, we are asking each school site to develop a "site specific plan" that aligns with their community's stance on COVID. You will most likely be hearing about, and being asked for your input on, your site-specific plans in the weeks to come (please expect a call from your principal). Some individual site flexibility will be given as long as a site is in the "green zone." If a school site moves into medium (yellow) or high (red) risk, there will be more district mandates and less local control. This is not what we want, so please work with us to keep your community in the green!

    We plan to take a "Common Sense Approach" to this and do everything we can to keep our students and staff safe! Please be patient with the process and please reach out if you have questions or concerns. Communication is the key for how we are going to get through this challenge!​