Lake and Peninsula School District
  • Hello Lake and Pen,
  • As we look ahead to a new school year, we are encouraged by the thought of being able to keep healthy students and staff in school more often than we have in the past two years.  Overall, COVID mandates have loosened.  With that said, we also want to ensure that the district is providing guidelines related to COVID response for students, staff, families, and communities.  

    You will find our FY24 LPSD COVID Response Plan posted here.  Overall, the guiding principles of this plan are to:

    · Keep Healthy Children & Staff in School
    · Follow the Guidelines Established by the Center for Disease Control
    · When possible and practical seek input from Community Stakeholders
    · Allow Parents the freedom to make choices they feel best for their family 

    The hope is that we will see schools open more often this year, while still being able to work with families and communities when concerns arise.  If needed, we will bring the LPSD District COVID Advisory Team together, along with staff and community, to make decisions on a case-by case basis.  Instead of weekly COVID meetings, we will shift to meeting on an as-needed basis, depending on positive cases or concerns in our communities.  

    As questions or concerns arise, do not hesitate to reach out to us.