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Travel arrangements to your school site should be made through the district travel coordinator.  Travel itineraries will be routed through Anchorage (Alaska’s largest city) and King Salmon (the Lake and Pen Regional Hub).  Anchorage can be reached from "Outside" or "the Lower 48" by air or automobile.  From Anchorage, King Salmon is only accessible by air.  Travel to all of our school sites is by local air taxi.  

The Lake and Peninsula School District leases housing to its staff at school sites. Rental rates vary with each individual unit.  All units contain plumbing and conventional electric services.

Contact Laura Hylton for detailed information about your living arrangements.


Temperatures are not as extreme as in the interior region of Alaska or northern parts of the "Lower 48" states. You should expect rain and mud in the Fall and Spring. 

Check out some of the outerwear from The LPSD Team:

Here you will find answers to additional questions that may help you prepare for you next adventure!

  • How do I get fresh produce?
  • How do I pack for an extended period of time?

We are always looking to add more questions here, so let us know if we have missed any information that may have been useful.

GCI is the only cell phone service provider for our rural communities.  Follow the link to see devices and service plan options.  

A breath of fresh air!  Because of our remoteness, you will not find shopping malls, movie theaters or any other centers for major entertainment.  Take advantage of the many opportunities to explore your new surroundings.  Some outside activities include: hiking, camping, berry picking, and fishing.

Take advantage and do some shopping before you arrive.  Amazon Prime is an excellent place to start!  Follow the link to get signed up.

Check out some of the frequently purchased items from The LPSD Team:

​You will ship anything you need or may want.  Moving to rural Alaska requires thought and preparation when packing the essentials.  You will bring items with you, ship ahead of time, order before arrival and after arrival.

Essential Items for Shipping:

Totes (Rubbermaid)

Sturdy Boxes

Clear Packing Tape

Sharpie Markers

Cable Ties




Frequent Questions:





Welcome to the LPSD Team!  Moving to rural Alaska is an amazing adventure! With that being said, you may come across some essential questions while making preparations.  Here are some tips for packing and daily advice from our staff that will hopefully help you along the way!

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