Lake and Peninsula School District

                                      Carl Perkins IV

The Carl Perkins Career and Technical Education (CTE) Improvement Act was reauthorized in August 2018 and is
commonly referred to as Carl Perkins V. The purpose of the Carl Perkins V grant is to provide individuals with the
academic and technical skills that are necessary to be be successful in the workplace. Carl Perkins V provides
support for current career and technical education that has been developed in schools. The support of current CTE
programs includes the preparation of students for postsecondary education and careers that students want to pursue.

Career and technical education that is supported by Carl Perkins V focuses on high school and college education that
provides CTE students with:

Rigorous academic subject matter.
Job-related and employability skills including ethics in the workplace.
Avenues for students to explore career interests.

As with most federal funding, Carl Perkins V has several requirements that are necessary in order to receive and
implement those funds to support CTE programs throughout the district. One of those requirements is having Carl
Perkins IV student data available to the public. Below is a link to the Alaska Department of Education and Early
Development that provides access to that data.

To access the data for Lake and Peninsula School District, see the instructions below:
1. Go to the EED CTE website at
2. Click on the "Carl Perkins IV CTE Public Reports" link.
3. Choose your district and the school year in the drop down menus.
4. Click on "Get Report Values" and your district's CTE data will appear momentarily.