Lake and Peninsula School District

Students often have experiences outside of the regular school day, or year, that significantly contribute to their learning. “Experiencing Out” of a level allows students to take those out-of-school experiences and receive credit for them. These experiences could include commercial fishing, spending valuable time at Fish Camp, traveling with family, attending summer camps, or working a summer job. This is a student initiated process, where the formal documentation of the experience is done afterwards, except for a log of hours which is done during the experience. 

In order to receive credit, the following requirements must be fulfilled by the student: 

  1. 75 hours of experience for .5 credit, 150 hours of experience for 1 credit; logged and signed by the student and their supervisor 
  2. Documentation: copies of any required licenses, plus paystubs, receipts and/or invoices, fish, or other related materials 
  3. Supervisor Evaluation of Experience form, completed and signed by supervisor. 
  4. Successful completion of portfolio 
  5. Successful presentation to community entity 
  6. Proficient or Advanced score by teacher of record

Experiencing Out