Lake and Peninsula School District

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some additional questions that are often asked.  Always ask questions!

What should I ship and what should I mail?

When traveling from the "lower 48" it may be difficult to decide on what to ship.  Keep in mind that shipping items from far away, can prove to be very costly.  Most would suggest mailing the majority of your clothes, along with any personal necessities from home.  Bring a suitcase with a few outfits, but leave some room for food (about 2 weeks worth) to take to your site after shopping in Anchorage.  Also, remember to take advantage of shopping through Amazon Prime with FREE SHIPPING!   

Can I ship glass items?

When shipping fragile items, it is important to package them extremely well!  Your boxes or totes are going to travel through many post offices.  Use bubble wrap and lots of cushion. 

How do I get fresh produce?

Availability of fresh produce will vary from site to site.  Some communities have a local store, most are small and may not always carry the same items.  Some people enjoy the benefits of shopping through Full Circle Farms or Alaska Food Network.  Contact your School Administrator for details of available options within your specific community.

How do you plan food shopping for extended periods of time?

This is one of the most difficult tasks of moving to a rural setting!  Try to have a shopping list prior to arrival in Anchorage.  Visit the Shopping Tabfor an example shopping list. 

When creating your shopping list, pay attention to the following:

Favorite Meals to Cook

Daily Lunch Supplies

Daily Breakfast Supplies

Snack Items

Spices/Cooking Oils/Baking Supplies



Cleaning Supplies

Household Items

What do I do with totes when traveling back to Anchorage?

After a while, you will accumulate many totes.  When you travel back through Anchorage, you can take them with you to stock your shelves.  Stack the empty totes together, with lids on top, and duck tape all together.  They travel pretty easily.

What are the weight protocols for shipping totes?

Totes or boxes may not exceed the following weight limits: 

Carrying Totes on the Plane - 50lbs.

Mailing Totes via Post Office - 70lbs.

What materials will be in my future classroom ?
This varies from site to site.  Contact someone at your school.

What should I do with personal banking?

The nearest bank will be located in King Salmon (Wells Fargo) or Anchorage.  You can ask to have your checks deposited directly into your personal accounts.