Lake and Peninsula School District

Mailing Tips:

Packing Tips:

You will need to ship anything you need or may want.  Moving to rural Alaska requires thought and preparation when packing the essentials.  You will bring items with you, ship ahead of time, or order upon arrival.  The housing units come furnished, and you can contact your school site for specifics.  (See "Housing" & "Shopping" pages for more details.)

Image of supplies

Your shipped items may be traveling quite a distance.  So, it is important to remember that they may be tossed around during transit.  We suggest mailing items in Rubbermaid brand totes.  Use Sharpie markers to label your tote lids clearly.  To make for easier use of the totes in the future, number lids and bottoms to match.  Drill 4-6 holes in the top for cable ties.  We also suggest that you keep a list of totes or boxes that you have mailed because they do not always arrive together. Here are some items to consider when packing your belongings:

Essential Items:

Totes (Rubbermaid)
Sturdy Boxes
Clear Packing Tape
Sharpie Markers
Cable Ties

Now, you can begin mailing your personal items to your assigned school site.  Each school site has a designated person to pick up boxes and deliver them to the school. 

Address your boxes:

Your Name

c/o "School Name"

General Delivery

Community Name AK Zip Code

You may locate each school address from the "Schools" tab at the top of this page.  Being at the school, they are in a safe place. If you do not put the school address on your boxes, the rural post offices may send them back. These small locations normally don’t have adequate storage space to hold boxes for any length of time. When you get to your site, you will transfer your boxes to your housing unit.

The U.S. Postal service accepts packages weighing up to 70lbs. As a general rule, the heavier the box, the cheaper the postage. For example, two boxes weighing 5 lbs will cost as much or more than a single box weighing 10 lbs.  You may also insure in case of damage or loss.  Items shipped “Parcel Post” ride on the same planes as “Priority” mail.  So, do not worry with priority prices.  It may take up to two or more weeks  for arrival. 

Shipping Information