Lake and Peninsula School District

A breath of fresh air!  Because of our remoteness, you will not find shopping malls, movie theaters or any other centers for major entertainment.  Take advantage of the many opportunities to explore your new surroundings.  Some outside activities include: hiking, camping, berry picking, and fishing.  Be very careful when venturing outside.  Make sure to visit with local staff before going on any excursion.

But on those cold or rainy days, you may consider bringing additional hobbies such as: art supplies, quilting materials, books, camera equipment, collections, and games.

In addition to useful means of transportation, you may also have the opportunity to travel around the community via four-wheeling (ATV), boarding and occasional snowmobiling.  

If you like to fish and/or hunt you will also need a license. The State of Alaska requires twelve months of continuous residency to attain a resident license and it takes it licensing requirements very seriously. There are additional fees for nonresidents who wish to hunt large game. For more information, check with the
Alaska Department of Fish and Game 

Check your State regulations for leaving and Alaska's for entering when traveling with firearms. Also check the TSA for plane regulations.