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Going to college can be a very rewarding experience. Depending on the type of career you want, going to college may be a required.

Don't get stuck leaving high school not sure what to do next. Build a plan and take actionable steps to make it happen.

First, you can explore careers with your login on AKCIS

Decide what kind of training you need. Below are Universities, Career and Tech schools and Military options.

Talk to your counselor or teachers to help you explore your options.

Alaska Colleges and University's

Summer is a great time to learn new skills and have fun experiences. Check out our list of summer internships, jobs and camps! 

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Use this tool to help build a better resume! 

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Scholarships are a great way to minimize the cost of a student's education. Our scholarship list is organized by due date to ensure you are completing applications before they are due.

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Career and technical schools are a great way to learn a skill and earn a certificate in a field you are interested in. Financially they are more reasonable than colleges and universities and take less time to complete a program.


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Summer Opportunities


Career and Tech Schools

It is an honor to serve our country with the U.S. Armed Forces. To learn more about military branches use the link provided. Ask your counselor or teacher about contacting a recruitment officer.